Buy Local

There are many reports and studies that show the tremendous impact that local businesses have on the economy. And, of course, the only way local businesses exist is if people purchase their products from local businesses. When you buy from local businesses, more money is re-invested locally by that business locally than if you made your purchase from a national or international corporation.

Many of the benefits are obvious, such as creating local jobs, investing in your community, increasing the local tax base, and reducing environmental impact.

In addition, small businesses are shown to support non-profit organizations, on average, 250% more than large businesses. In addition, local businesses make our communities unique. They provide goods and services that are requested locally, often creating or selling products that simply aren’t sold by national chains.

In addition to One Source Imaging (full service provider of Printer Cartridges, Printers, and Printer Repair), here are links to a few other great local stores:

Below is a wonderful infographic from The Huffington Post (Originally posted here)


Information on this page sourced from Sustainable Connections, the Huffington Post, and common knowledge.



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